Blipper P-175 Powerboat Reflector

This reflector is primarily designed to meet the requirements of powerboats. Powerboats in general have the smallest inherent radar signature and need a big reflector. To reducer the aesthetic impact and space required the reflector has been repackaged into a low profile toroidal form. This configuration has the advantage that it can be used as a mounting platform for Navigation Equipment, Lights and Antenna. Its toroidal construction accommodates all of the wiring and cables.

The illustration shows a radar transmitter mounted on the reflector.

Size 595mm Diameter x 225mm High
    Part No. Price (ex VAT)
Blipper P-175 White 009-W £350.00
Blipper P-175 Green 009-G £360.00
Blipper P-175 Orange 009-O £360.00
Blipper P-175 Red 009-R £360.00
Blipper P-175 Yellow 009-Y £360.00

  Part No. Price (ex VAT)
Base/Pole Mounting Plate 039 £87.50
Top Mounting Plate Aerials 049/1 £67.50
Top Mounting Plate Radar 049/2 £60.00