Blipper P-175 Reflector

Compact and simple to mount concentrically on the buoy. The top mounting plate provides a strong attachment for lamps. Its low profile shape makes it ideal for use in non-sheltered positions. It has high survivability in extreme hostile environments. The installation shown is of a double decker arrangement to maximise the buoys signature.

Size 595mm Diameter x 225mm High
    Part No. Price (ex VAT)
Blipper P-175 White 009-W £350.00
Blipper P-175 Green 009-G £360.00
Blipper P-175 Orange 009-O £360.00
Blipper P-175 Red 009-R £360.00
Blipper P-175 Yellow 009-Y £360.00

Mounting plates and fixings: Price on application