Blipper 300-5

This reflector is ideal for larger boats where space is not at a premium. It is intended for working boats that spend a lot of hours in densely trafficked waters and high visibility is a requirement of their operation e.g. pilot boats, commercial ferries, fishing boats and hovercraft. The reflector is ideal for sail training boats and yachts over 12m LOA.

Military vessels designed to have a small radar signature during operations, use the reflector at other times when they want to be seen. The reflector is NATO accredited and carries a NATO Stock Number (NSN).

Size: 326mm Diameter x 660 Long
Weight: 3.36kg
NSN 5840-99-256-6327
    Part No. Price (ex VAT)
Blipper 300-5 White 007-W £181.50
Blipper 300-5 Green 007-G £190.00
Blipper 300-5 Orange 007-O £190.00
Blipper 300-5 Red 007-R £190.00
Blipper 300-5 Yellow 007-Y £190.00
Mounting Brackets: Price on application