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Firdell Radar Reflectors Ltd is a Radar Technology Company, providing products and services to the Defence, Buoyage, Shipping, and Leisure Marine Markets. Firdell is dedicated to safety at sea and has been in the business of radar reflection since 1976. In that time Firdell has built up a world-class reputation as the leading authority on radar reflection issues. Marconi Defence Systems Ltd chose Firdell as its partner primarily for Firdell's knowledge, patents, applications and intellectual property, much of which was used in the development of its own projects.  Sadly, Marconi is no longer with us, but the company is still consulted from time to time by defence agencies, and Firdell is also proud to be a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation.

The products for all markets are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. Firdell has a policy of continuous product refinement and when there are advances in technology products are upgraded.

The company’s aim is to provide the best Radar Reflection products and services in the world. Staffed by scientists and engineers with decades of experience, working in partnership with professional customers (Military and Commercial), it has a track record of developing innovative science-based solutions to their radar reflector requirements.

Firdell has developed a comprehensive and sophisticated computer radar performance modelling system designated SYNTAR. The modelling system has been used to reduce the time taken to bring new military systems into service. Subsequent testing of these systems showed that SYNTAR was both accurate and reliable. This dramatically reduces the need for 'in the field' testing. Instead, design and development performance testing is undertaken in the virtual world of computer software. However, actual performance confirmation and acceptance testing still has to be undertaken. To date the predicted performance has always been verified in this testing.

SYNTAR is so capable that it will allow the design, from low cost materials, of test targets with the radar signature of real hardware (Ships, Aircraft, Armoured Fighting Vehicles etc). The illustration shows the radar signature of a light aircraft. This capability enables weapons systems to be tailored to engage specific targets and to discriminate between friend and foe. The capability described above allows customers of Firdell civil products to benefit from the radar technology developed for military applications.

The technology within SYNTAR provides Firdell with the capability to design a reflection system from scratch and accurately predict performance. Designs can be generated and performance tested within the computer with great confidence. As discussed above, subsequent tests of the finished reflector have shown an excellent correlation between prediction and practice.

Extensive research with SYNTAR has shown that for a really effective Radar Detection Reflector the Phase Modulating Helical Array design is far superior to any other. All Firdell’s radar reflectors both military and civil are based on this design. A full description of the reflectors is provided on the Performance & Technical page of this site.

Firdell uses the most up-to-date Defence radar research test ranges equipped with the latest sophisticated test apparatus. This rigorous approach to the design of its radar reflectors has enabled large numbers of Firdell reflectors to be incorporated into military systems in use with British Armed Forces and NATO. The NATO codification of Firdell’s products and the issuing of NATO Stock Numbers indicate formal approval to exacting standards.

Firdell offers a full range of Blipper Radar reflectors for all applications and provides a design and consultancy service for commercial shipping and defence systems. Firdell also provides engineering solutions for intergrated bespoke installations.
















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